Why Management Students Must Enjoy Their Campus Life

Management studies is often considered as the last phase of college life. Additionally, it is also a crucial phase in anyone’s life. In it, we leave the security and comfort of our home and commence the journey of becoming a better version of ourselves as nearly every college/university of management requires its students to stay at the campus. It becomes essential for students to enjoy their campus life.

A question might arise in your mind, ‘Why should students enjoy their campus life?’

Living on campus comes with its perks that prove to be beneficial to not only students professionally, but it also helps them in their personal life. But to gain these benefits, students need to enjoy their campus life. Now, let’s understand in detail some of the benefits of enjoying campus life.

Personality Development

When students live on the campus on their own, away from their family, they face many challenges. These challenges include changes in the atmosphere, adjustment issues, financial crises to name a few. They have to face and win over every problem that they encounter. This teaches them various lessons that prepare them for the life that is ahead of them. And, in general, it develops their personality. 

Student’s Engagement 

While staying on campus, students perform various activities that allow them to engage with other students. These activities let them share their personal experiences and ideology with others. Along with it, they get to learn new ideas from their fellow students, that widen their horizons and perception about the world around them. Moreover, with the exchange of thoughts, students become more ambitious, self-reliant and confident. All of which helps them to face the challenges in life out of college more confidently.

Time Management

Time management is a skill that proves to be beneficial in every single aspect of life. During their stay on campus, students have to manage their time correctly. They have to juggle between lectures, studies, extracurricular activities, among other things. Moreover, they have to do all of it on their own. All these activities help in developing and enhancing time management skills in them.

Stress Management

Stress is not just harmful to mental health, but it is also detrimental to physical health. It has been observed that management studies can be stressful for most students. The reason for this is, they need to juggle between exams, assignments, lectures, extracurricular activities, etc. When students stay on campus, they take part in various activities along with their peers. These activities include sports, meditation, group discussions, etc. all of which helps in relaxing and unwinding the stress. 

Performance Improvement

During their stay at the campus, students not only bond with each other over extracurricular activities, but they also study together. Group studies give students an opportunity to clear their doubts that are left answered during lectures. Moreover, they can get help from their peers understanding a challenging topic, or vice versa; all of which improves their performance in examinations. 


Networking is an essential aspect of professional life. Moreover, it is one of the primary benefits of enjoying campus life. While staying on campus, students get to interact with many different types of people, who can be classmates, seniors, juniors, alumni, and professors. These interactions create a bond that proves to be beneficial in the future. 

These are just some of the benefits of enjoying campus life. The primary benefits are that students make friends who stay with them lifelong, and they make memories that they can cherish forever.

At Krupanidhi School of Management (KSM) we strive hard not just to impart quality education, but also proactively work to provide world-class facilities to our students. Our campus is spread across 11 acres of lush green area that has been equipped with state-of-the-art facilities like cafeteria, playground, full campus Wi-Fi, audio-video conferencing facilities, transportation, libraries, labs, and hostel.

Along with it, we also focus on providing the best sports and healthcare facilities to promote overall development. Our campus has a hi-tech gym that is well-equipped and provides facilities for fitness & weight training.

We all know that a healthy body acts as a catalyst in the process of gaining knowledge. So, to help our students stay fit and healthy, we have built outdoor sports facilities for students to play games such as basketball, Volleyball, badminton, football and cricket. This allows students to strengthen their physical energy level as well as in fostering team spirit


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