Why KSM Lays Huge Emphasis on International Collaboration?

Indian colleges have changed the face of management education in our country. One of such colleges that has been transforming students into efficient professionals in this arena is Krupanidhi School of Management which provides best mba courses in bangalore. For the past 12 years, ever since its foundation in 2008, the college has been working towards providing excellent infrastructure and quality education to its students. While imparting important business skills, KSM emphasises on their students’ other soft skills as well that have become almost impossible to ignore in today’s time.

One of its attractive offerings is its association with global universities and the exposure it provides students with. The idea of studying abroad looms in many students’ minds and keeping its importance in the fore, numerous business schools including KSM organize international study tours and Student Exchange Programs each year to familiarize them with international perspectives and their business ideologies. While acquiring talent from B-Schools, several companies and corporate organizations also look for students who are acquainted with foreign business strategies, their market, etc. International collaboration adds immensely to the value of any student’s business education and that is why KSM lays special emphasis on it. Listed below are a few advantages to it, have a look.

  • Promotes the exchange of ideas, culture, and academics

The world is becoming more and more reachable and the rate of globalization is pacing up. Keeping up with this trend, institutes are searching for opportunities outside their country to widen their students’ business spectrum and use the possibilities around the world by collaborating with universities abroad. KSM believes in uplifting and enhancing their students’ abilities by giving them the opportunity to enrol for international study tours conducted by the college often. Such programs do not just give students a chance to travel abroad and see the world, but also enable them to delve deep into other countries’ varied cultures and ideas, see things up close, and broaden their critical thinking abilities. More the exposure, more the intellect. Going into another country, learning their concepts, uncovering their innovations, exploring the challenges, etc. help students’ study outside classrooms as well.

  • Brings Feasible International Learning Opportunities

Almost every student thinks about studying abroad, in an international institution, mainly because it is a very different and exciting experience altogether. But not many can bear the expenses attached with it. Universities and colleges in India are making that a reality for several domestic students by officially collaborating with foreign universities and running Student Management Programs, making this opportunity available to them at affordable costs. Apart from the travel and lodging expenses, the program covers research, program fees, and other miscellaneous costs. Among its international collaborations, KSM also has the membership of the European Council for Business Education, ensuring the quality of education imparted at the institute. Krupanidhi is the only business institute in South India to have been accredited by ECBE.

  • Benefits Students’ Educational & Personal Development

Contemporary management education thrives to not just make better business professionals but also make them efficient with great personalities. And to facilitate this development, foreign collaboration works greatly in their favour. Living in a different country by yourself, managing on your own brings a certain sense of maturity and independence within students which later translates to improved self-confidence and efficacy. Moreover, when a person is made to stand outside their comfort zone, his or her decision-making abilities and self-confidence advance manifold.

Further, along with personal development, through this type of learning, students get an opportunity to become wary of various types of approaches and academic perspectives. Being open to new ideas, to tweak them as per the requirement, and to be able to use the global knowledge to the best of their abilities that it prospers results are a few academic advantages this program offers against the traditional rote-learning methods. On the educational front, students widen their scope of knowledge and gain interest in the ongoing world issues. Several students on the programs develop an interest in learning a new foreign language, which can add value to their resume and make them a more suitable candidate for recruiters to hire.

  • KSM’s Tie-Up with University of Memphis

Krupanidhi School of Management has always attempted to deliver the global standards of education. That is why KSM partnered with one of the most prestigious and reputable international universities, University of Memphis, USA. With internationalization factor in mind, KSM provides international experience to students by conducting 3-week workshops, industry visits, face to face meetings with top C-level officials. The idea is to inculcate global thinking abilities in students and familiarize them with multiple social and cultural identities. The communication among students and faculty of diverse cultural backgrounds and communities in university partnership programs creates heightened cultural awareness.

Meeting international industry experts of the industry is one great way of understanding current market scenarios, developing business strategies, etc. The program is run under the guidance of experienced academic members and professionals who promote this methodology of learning and aim to achieve the organization’s and students’ individual goals. This program also encourages students to become the job creators of the industry and learn entrepreneurship skills. Entrepreneurship is the new interest of the youth who are paving their way to become business owners themselves and creating a fun-filled and efficiency-driven work environment. The international business program at KSM aids that mentality and promotes novel business ideas that augment the current reality of the business world.

Krupanidhi School of Management is working on ways to constantly strike in new and different international opportunities for students and make them the game-changers of tomorrow.

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