Krupanidhi-Research Incubator Program (K-RIP)

Krupanidhi Group of Institutions has a long tradition of pursuing cutting edge research and has organized research activities across all the colleges in its integrated campus. The management at Krupanidhi believes that research and development is the key for the success of students and also for the continuing growth of the country.

In order to move towards the goal of building a robust culture of research, a unique initiative called the “Krupanidhi-Research Incubator Program” has been launched at Krupanidhi Group of Institutions. The scope of this program is to inspire and ignite the young minds in research, irrespective of their discipline by conducting training programs, bringing subject experts from various research laboratories as well as multinational companies within the campus. K-RIP motivates the students, to explore their hidden potential and to conceptualize innovative ideas. The research at Krupanidhi focuses students as central part of the program and they are encouraged to design and carry out projects under the faculty guidance, who in turn are also guided and monitored by research mentors from various national and international academic and research institutes. It is a requisite that all the faculty members as well as the final year students of all the courses are participating in the program.

K-RIP kindle the students at all levels by outlaying multidisciplinary research projects, promote them to attend seminars/conferences, to become members in professional bodies, seeking research funds from national funding bodies, publishing their research work in standard indexed/scopus journals, aiding in patent filing strategies, etc. Students with research publications in their profile have added credentials, which ensure them to surpass from their peers. It enables them to uniquely position themselves for success, while job hunting or seeking admission in Ivy League universities.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited but imagination encircles the world.

– Albert Einsten

List of Enrollments under Light Engagement Program

Sl. No.Name of the FacultyNo. of Students


No. of



Name of Students Assigned as per clusterResearch Topic
Student NameSemester
1Prof. Jacob Alexander114Abhijith DIIInfluence of TV and Video advertising on cognitive and emotional reponses towards consumer brand choice
Antra VohraII
Reenu P JoyII
Akshaya MIIThe role of communication on service delivery and its impact on repeat buying
Blesson SabuII
Shabana SII
Swapnil ThomasIIImpact of Emotional response on consumer buying behaviour:An empirical study
Tharun Cherian AII
Vani NII
Helen Grace GIIThe role of Neuroethics on Neuromarketing
Malsawm Kimi KII
2Prof. Ramalakshmi V124Christeena M JIICognitive based creativity training and Organizational Innovation: Mediating role of employee creative self efficacy.
Elwin BaijuII
Fahis U SIIThe impact of work environment on organizational adaptability with moderating role of transformational leadership.
Felix ShajiII
Francis D TII
G PavanyaIIThe effect of Psychological Capital on Employee performance with moderating role of employee stress and strain.
Gauthaman A MII
Goutham BeheraII
Hamim Akif KIIThe impact of cognitive biases on organizational effectiveness.
Harikrishnan VII
Haritha P MII
3Dr. E. Geetha Venu124-1= 3Madhu Kumar RIIInstitutional Investment and Stock Market Dynamics-Evidence from India
Nirmal S KumarII
Panengadan N JII
Panikar Darsha SIIUnder pricing of Initial Public Offering (IPOs) in Indian Stock Exchanges- An Empirical Study.
Pankaj singhII
Safnas PII
AthulIIMarket Regulator- Securities and Exchange Board of India (Different Approach would be adopted)
Aswin MII
Harish K CII
4Dr. Shagufta Showkat124Jareena O TIIImpact of Talent management strategies on employee engagement towards enhancing organizational performance: A comparative analysis between millennial and non-millennial workforce
Jigesh KumarII
Jiju MathewII
Jishnu AIIHR Metrics and Organizational performance
John Paul NII
Keshava MII
Kevin ShajanIIStrategic Human Resource Management and Organizational performance
Kishor B RII
Kishor M RII
Madhu RIIImpact of workforce diversity on productivity: A mediating role of Employee Engagement
Mukunda G KII
5Dr. Aradhna Yadav114Abhishek BIIA study on Europe Market intelligence with special reference to pvt firm in Bangalore
Abin BijiII
Aditya AnandII
Ajay Anand TIIA study on role Empowerment through role definition and career path
Ajeesh BabuII
Ajin JollyII
Ajith V JaimonIIA study on psychological health and lifestyle behaviour on workers in a manufacturing unit
Akash MohanII
Akhil PaulIIImpact of soft skill training on health care staff
Akhil Prakash JII
Akhildev K RajuII
6Dr. Thomason Rajan124Akshay K ManojIIImpact of HR practices on employee branding
Alan Kuncheria JII
Amaresha NII
Amrit MathewIIImpact of HR practices on employee branding: A study on IT sector in  Bangalore
Ananda KrishnanII
Anju KumariII
Anto MathaiIIGrowth strategies of online retail store brands
Archana AII
Ashiq Ali PII
Ashma BegumIICorporate brand identity creation: A case study
Ashwini K VII
Aswin S GII
7Ms. Nivedita JHA124Nivedita S BIIRole of transformational leadership in enhancing organizational innovation: A study on employee creativity  in mediation
Nixon JamesII
Rahul KrishnanII
Rahul P RIIPsychological safety: Antecedents and consequences
Rakesh KrishnanII
Sachin K SIIImpact of supervisor’s support on innovative behavior: A moderating role of employee empowerment
Sachin S CII
Saheesh YII
SharadaIIOrganizational support for career development and organizational effectiveness: Mediating role of psychological safety
Sharon ShajuII
Sharukh NazeerII
8Prof. Divya A Reddy124Shijin PremarajanIIEffect of Air pollution on performance of stocks
Shijo JohnII
Sindhu P JII
Sooraj KIIChange in Maternity Leave Policy and Gender Representation at work place in India
Sowmya SII
Sreenath Raj VII
Sreerag SIIRecession and its impact on Public Health in India
Subin KoshyII
Sudhakar AII
Sudhakar T KIIDeterminants of selection choices by customers: A study of consumer rationality on price comparison websites
Sudheesh S SII
V Sathya SreeII
9Prof. Vaishnavi Prasad094Vineeth AIIRole of Type A and Type B personality on Career choice: A study on Millennials
Vipul Raj PII
Vishnu G PIIImpact of work life balance on Employer Branding: A mediating role of Employee retension
Yingli AwomiII
Yugander PII
Leo Stanly SIIImpact of performance management on Employee Productivity: A moderating role of electronic monitoring and surveillance
Madan ThapaII
Shahsada K AIIImpact of Technology integrated education practices in enhancing learning outcomes in management education
Shivtej GurudattaII