Message from the Dean

Dear Students,
Welcome to the KSM Family!

We are extremely delighted that you have made the right choice of choosing the Krupanidhi
School of Management to pursue and fulfil your aspirations of being a management professional. At KSM, a pivotal role is played in building the core competencies as well as the foundation of the student; strengthen the community around and the country at large. Hence it is a job of tremendous responsibility when the stakeholders of that Institution are slated to perform myriad roles.

KSM focuses on global education which is the pivotal catalyst for economic growth, societal and social progress and community building for the students who are the veritable game changers of tomorrow. The Program incorporates the unique dimensions of globalization, urbanization, innate understanding of consumer psychographics in the academic courses which leads our students to be top notch professionals in the domain of their choice.

Innovation is a must for a business school to survive and thrive in the constantly evolving landscape of business and society. Innovation is a recurring and unifying theme here in the School of Management. It is most evident in our faculty research, the way we teach our students and how we engage with the community. Innovation is also a critical component of our countless interdisciplinary collaboration.

Our faculty members who would also be your mentors are thought leaders in management and their respective fields, adding new knowledge that impacts business worldwide. The mentors strongly believe that our purpose is not only to prepare students with the necessary skills to achieve their career goals, but also to help them become strategic thinkers and leaders who add value to their community, both locally and globally. We are committed to building the business leaders of tomorrow.

As we move forward into the ever-changing dynamic world as a leading management school, we will continue to innovate in all dimensions so we can navigate the ever-changing trends of business. At KSM dreams become a reality.
Looking forward to being part of your dreams

Dr Sarita Iyer
DEAN Management Studies.
Krupanidhi School of Management