Land your dream career with a PGDM in Finance

In a world dominated by contemporary specializations and educational courses, the scope of Finance is evergreen. It ensures the smooth running of businesses and, therefore, opens doors to the hiring of competent professionals who have expertise in different areas of Finance. If you wish to avail one of these opportunities, you should opt for one of the top management colleges in bangalore like Krupanidhi School of Management’s (KSM) PGDM in Finance Programme.

An introduction to KSM’s PGDM in Finance

Whether it’s a startup or an existing business, they all need a well-functioning finance department to handle their day-to-day transactions. Therefore, it requires high-quality recruitment of management professionals with domain expertise in Finance.

By pursuing our PGDM in Finance, you will understand the process of producing, moving, and enabling the smooth flow of money through a company via sales. You will also learn how some portion of the profit is reinvested for higher margins in the future. Overall, our postgraduate degree will make you an invaluable asset to your company.

This postgraduate degree will also give you a working understanding of theoretical concepts such as accounting, investments, banking, risk management, market analysis, and cash management, to name a few. As companies look to hire professionals who can practically apply these concepts, you will gain the upper hand in working for the most significant financial firms in the industry. But, which are the areas you will be eligible to work in? Let’s take a detailed look at that.

How will it benefit your career?

Our PGDM in Finance program will open doors for promising career opportunities in Finance. Some of them are –

  • Investment banking – In terms of prestige and salary, investment banking is one of the most lucrative and recognized career options in the field of Finance. In this job role, you’ll be tasked with financial modelling of various businesses in an organization. It involves forecasting the business’s financial performance in the future on excel. Furthermore, based on the company’s historical performance, you will prepare an income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement, also known as the three-statement model. Apart from that, you will help governments, corporations, and institutions to raise capital or complete mergers and acquisitions. 

A job role like investment banking involves accomplishing greater responsibilities and requires you to work throughout the week tirelessly. But, if you like data-based challenges and love spotting trends in numbers, you will find this job role enjoyable. Plus, the money is excellent! 

  • Corporate Finance – One of the reasons why you opted for a PGDM in Finance is your knack for numbers. In that case, a career in corporate Finance is tailor-made for you. 

In this field, a company will hire you for guiding its financial operations. It involves allocating budgets, investing in the right profiles, and maximizing profitability. Additionally, you have to strategize a comprehensive plan to reduce the company’s total operational expenses, which includes analyzing campaign reports and assessing recruitments. Furthermore, you will examine your organization’s return on investments, with the aim of maximizing profits and minimizing bad investments. 

Hence, if you enjoy working with numbers, combined with strong analytical skills and attention to detail, a career in corporate Finance is for you. 

  • Portfolio Management – Portfolio management is an essential element of company operations, as it assesses the individual portfolios of investments made by a company or client. The assigned portfolio manager will discover the opportunities, strengths, and weaknesses of the investment portfolio across domestic and international markets. Because of the complexity involved in portfolio management, the role of a portfolio manager is a coveted position in the finance industry. 

As a portfolio manager, you have to periodically check the status of financial markets and stay up to date with current events. The latter can be achieved by regularly meeting with your analysts to discuss critical economic developments in the market. Moreover, you will take the final call on which portfolios your company or client should invest in, which will have a higher turnover in the future. 

So, if you want to work in a position where you get a sizable amount of decision-making, portfolio management is your area of interest. 

  • Risk Management – Firms understand the importance of reducing investment risk to maximize profitability. Therefore, they are very keen to hire skilled risk management professionals, who can consult on the market risk and warn beforehand on a bad investment outcome.

To become a risk manager, you must have good analytical skills and mathematical reasoning. You should be able to interpret data adequately to create an efficient business model for your company or client. Therefore, hone your judgemental and analytical skills. Alongside, you can also work on your verbal and written communication, and become proficient in computers. Apart from completing your PGDM in Finance, you can pursue additional courses that specialize in risk management training. 

Given the amount of cash flowing in and out of this industry, a career in Finance will always be bright. Opt for KSM’s PGDM in Finance and benefit your professional career by working in such a thriving industry!



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