The K-RIC program has launched its IP Cell in collaboration with Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology (KSCST) in 2019 with the aim of creating conducive environment for students to involve in the development of Intellectual Property (IP). This cell further ensures the protection and commercialization of IPs such as patent, trademark, and copyright. Besides, K-RIC regularly conducts seminars, workshops, training sessions, and guest lectures across several disciplines to accentuate on research through innovations. Intrinsically, our faculties are equipped with both industry and academic experience from the fields of Management, Healthcare Sector and others. Apart from this, they hail from prestigious institutions like IIM, NIT, and organizations like KSCST.


  • To create awareness about IPRs for faculty members and students by organizing workshops, seminars and training courses within its integrated campus.
  • To enable patent searches in the Institution.
  • To guide inventors with reference to patenting their inventions with the help of authorized Patent attorney.
  • To impart training on future endeavors regarding patent filing processes.
  • To create an opportunity for product development and commercialization.
  • To arrange periodic meeting with faculty members/students along with officers of Patent Information Centre (PIC), KSCST for identifying patentable inventions.
  • To create and facilitate with a transparent system for detailing the ownership control and assignment of intellectual properties generated.


  1. The intellectual property rights in an academic system that imbibes ethical practices for all the stakeholders of the Institution, which in the longer run get deeply embedded as good practices, as they step into their professional careers.
  2. The participants of this program will be aware on how to protect their idea or innovation through IPR.
  3. A platform with sound foundation for the development of smart human resource with appropriate training to explore new careers in IPR, management of innovation, enhanced employability and entrepreneurs.


  1. Organizing IP clinic activities in which student will be asked to express their innovative ideas for which IP Cell will provide proper guidance on the scope of developing the proposed idea into an innovative product.
  2. The IP Cell will conduct various competitions exclusively on IPR (quiz, debate, and essay) and the winners will be issued certificates and prizes to encourage the students to study more about IPR.
  3. The IP Cell will periodically conduct seminars on the various issues of IPR by pooling in experts in the field of IPR.
  4. The IP Cell will facilitate the filing of patent applications, identifying patent agents/attorneys.