How KSM’s Placement Cell Will Land You Your Dream Job

The management profession has always been in the mainstream, especially in India, where generations of families proudly run their businesses. With time, as we progressed in various aspects, modern management education was introduced to revolutionize how businesses functioned in India. Its introduction made the Indian corporate world highly advanced and polished the famous traditional business techniques. 

One of the top-rated Postgraduate courses is MBA – Masters in Business Administration which is considered the most sought-after course across the globe. Among the many reasons that people prefer pursuing this 2-year program is the job placement assurance it offers. Placement opportunities and work experiences are exceedingly valuable to students which extends support to a respectable start in their professional career as well as their employability skills. A good placement record of any college gives them an edge over leading B-school and compels students to opt for management at their B-school.

One such management institute that boasts proudly of its hardworking placement cell is Krupanidhi School of Management (KSM), one of the best management colleges in bangalore. KSM ensures and assists students in developing a charming personality along with maintaining an impeccable academic record. To get a proper placement by the end of the course, one needs to work towards it from the beginning, and nothing but consistency in the theoretical as well as the practical aspect makes one look like a reliable employee. Identifying and nurturing the strengths of each student is a critical step in the process of transforming them into potential corporate professionals. 

The college has been placing students at the top banking, consulting, FMCG, and other firms successfully. Some of the top recruiters of KSM are IBM, TATA Teleservices Ltd., HDFC Mutual Fund, Shoppers Stop, State Bank of India, Reliance Communications, Infoedge, Thomson Reuters, Yum (KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell), Ernst & Young among several other prestigious companies. At Krupanidhi, the mentors and the highly-educated faculty members aim at imparting professional education and knowledge while keeping the overall development of students in mind. While the college authorities well understand the importance of placement, here is how KSM goes a step ahead to make their placement cell beneficial to the students:

– Career Counselling

Career counselling, in a broader term, is seeking professional help in deciding which career is best suited for an individual. A professional career counsellor helps the students identify their interests, strengths, and guide them about further options. The quality of the counselling depends on the qualification of the counsellor. Understanding the high value of this aspect, KSM has a team of efficient and well-experienced career counsellors that students can interact with to realize the improved potential of their future. It is done in a secure and safe environment where students can share their inhibitions without hesitation, and the counsellor’s guidance helps the students through.

– Mock Interviews

One of the most important and intimidating parts of the hiring process for numerous students is Personal Interview (PI). There are proper classes dedicated to teaching how a student must behave during an interview, how should one dress, and what answers must he or she prepare for before going in. But unless one faces an interview and is put in the situation, they don’t understand how they would react. So, to avoid mishappenings during an actual conversation, mentors at KSM conduct specially organized mock interviews for their management students. Here, the students understand the process and get familiarized with the atmosphere of the PI. The more they take part in this exercise, the more they gain self-confidence and the less they feel daunted by it. 

A PI is a direct interaction between the recruiter and the applicant, and one’s performance in this step determines whether they land a job or not. The above mentioned Krupanidhi’s recruitment list ensures that the mock interview exercise does build confidence in students, and they succeed in getting recruited at some of the best MNCs and other companies.

– Interpersonal Skill Training

Ever since India opened doors for international companies and the global big names, the corporate climate saw a drastic change. Along with being handy with the technical skills and domain knowledge, the need to be adept at interpersonal skills also became a requirement for professionals in multinational companies, startups, or in any other organization. They conduct interpersonal skill training, which has led people to become better communicators, better colleagues, better team leaders and players. After all, effective communication, or having developed the ability to communicate effectively, is a learnt art. 

With interpersonal skill training classes, KSM works on the holistic development of students so that their transition from student life to their professional life is smooth. Krupanidhi’s students, being well-versed with the same beforehand, will have a competitive edge over other applicants, making them more favoured to be hired by the recruiters.

Apart from having a rich course curriculum, teaching pedagogy and a fun-filled environment where students can enjoy and learn, the placement cell at Krupanidhi School of Management helps students at every step of landing them their dream job. It includes assisting students in CV writing to mentoring them into finding the most suitable internships and giving them ample opportunities for industry interaction. Coupled with students’ hard work in their academia and their zeal to improve in all the other aspects, KSM succeeds in improving their placement record every successive year.

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