How KSM’s Finishing School program benefits students

Over the years, the landscape of management education has drastically changed in India. From curriculum-based teaching to exploring management beyond the curriculum, B-schools are now focusing on contemporary teaching methods such as experiential learning, industry-relevant trends, and innovation, to name a few. 

The reason behind such drastic changes in the teaching pedagogy is because businesses in India saw a rapid change in geopolitical scenarios, technological advancements, and online marketing. To keep pace with it, companies are focusing on recruiting students with hands-on experience, and in the process, save time on industry-training. 

Keeping the current business scenario in mind, KSM, one of the pgdm colleges in bangalore, took the unique initiative of launching the Finishing School program, intending to make students industry-ready by developing their interpersonal and managerial skills. Let’s take a detailed look at this offering.

How KSM’s finishing school makes students industry ready?

In an ever-evolving market scenario, where companies look to capitalize on the latest market trends and expand their business operations, it has become imperative to hire industry-ready management professionals. They are expected to show the mental capacity to efficiently handle complex professional challenges through their decision making and logical ability. 

However, not every B-school can provide recruiters with such efficient management professionals. It’s because these B-schools haven’t updated their curriculum or teaching pedagogy as per the changing industrial requirements, and thus, remained stagnant in their practical and professional approach. Realizing this grave area of concern, KSM came up with an initiative to integrate it with their academic structure – “Finishing School.”

The objective of KSM’s Finishing School is to create a pathway for students that would transform them into future corporate leaders. How so? By teaching essential skills that will raise their confidence, competence, and give them a cutting edge over other management professionals. Moreover, companies always look to recruit employees that display outstanding leadership, communication and project management abilities, as per our recent research on employment essentials. Based on these research findings, we have designed our Finishing School Curriculum in a way that will make our students industry-ready. 

Right from day one, students are part of a program conducted by a team of professional trainers with years of valuable experience. The training phase is spread over two years and four semesters that incorporates the finishing school’s learning with academics.

For instance, students taking part in the finishing school program get accustomed with soft-skill development techniques, such as presentation skills. The trainers make sure each student presents 100 presentations over a two-year period or 25 presentations per semester. It teaches them to overcome their stage-fear, and the process builds their confidence. The program also focuses on vocabulary, attitude, dress code, body posture, domain expertise, grammar and query handling, to name a few. 

Moreover, the Finishing School program focuses on individual gap analysis on two aspects –

  • Skills lacking – Not every student is cut from the same cloth. Students that excel academically may lack in interpersonal growth and display an under-confident personality, or vice-versa. 

Area of focus – It focuses on students who still find themselves in uncharted territories with respect to their area of specialization, ideal job role, and career growth. Upon analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the students, the Finishing School program undertakes the following three steps –

  • Creating a student roadmap – By identifying the areas of improvement, students are handed out individual training programs wherein the focus is solely on training and honing of requisite skills. 
  • Training – Students are coached to overcome their respective fears by putting them in mock situations. Students are expected to deal with these situations by coming out of their comfort zones. It could be approaching prospective clients in business meets or showcasing their presentation confidently in front of their teams. 
  • Preparing for life beyond boundaries – As KSM offers international placements, it’s highly possible that our students might be placed abroad. Therefore, the Finishing Program ensures that enrolled students receive cultural and language training, to help them accomodate to the foreign environment. 

Furthermore, this training program doesn’t differentiate students based on academic performances. Even university toppers have been found to lack basic domain expertise, interpersonal and personal skills, which act as a barrier during job interviews. Therefore, we aim to eliminate these concerns to make sure our students lead the best possible career.

With global industrial practices evolving at a rapid pace, it has become essential for students to keep updating their skillset. At KSM, we make sure our students are well-prepared to face the professional challenges of tomorrow.

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