Message from the Executive Director

Mr. Akash Nagpal

Executive Director
Krupanidhi Group of Institutions

“A University should be a place of light, of liberty, and of learning.”

Benjamin Disraeli

I drive inspiration from this dictum so much that I want to welcome you to a place where you will be greeted with all these – Krupanidhi Group of Institutions. As the Executive Director, it is my immense pleasure to introduce you to an institution that endeavors to shape the personality and minds of today’s youth in an unparallel manner.

As a leading educational institution, our prime focus lies in mentoring our students and helping them carve their own identities in a competitive world. Armed with innovative teaching techniques, a good student–teacher ratio, coming-of-age curriculum, we think we can continue to be the preferred choice of institution among students, now and always. We aim to provide global education, the pivotal catalyst for economic and social progress as well as community building for our students, who are the veritable game changers of tomorrow. The holistic development of our students is thoroughly polished in our Finishing School, where their right and left-brain skills are challenged through effective communication and personality development, netiquette, image building, aptitude, industry readiness skills and corporate social responsibility. Their physical quotient is nurtured by encouraging participation in sports and fitness activities, thereby resulting in a brilliant mind inside a fit body.

Education is for all, irrespective of age, gender, and geographical boundaries; hence we strive to make it interesting and relevant so that its essence resonates with everyone. Education does not restrict itself to just attaining a degree; it is for life. Hence, we at Krupanidhi, aim to create a flexible, adaptable, and relevant education system that brings out the best from every individual. Our efforts go beyond the realm of classroom lectures and focus on practical experiences too, thus preparing the students to keep up with the evolving times. I can proudly say that Krupanidhi graduates continue to be students of life and create their own life paths.

Neha Nagpal

Executive Director
Krupanidhi Group of Institutions

Greetings from Krupanidhi Group of Institutions (KGI)!

As a leading education institution, our venture is to provide world class education to our students. Thus, our programmes are curated to meet the global standards and the desired learning outcomes with the perfect blend of industry inspired curriculum and international expectations. Entrepreneurship, research, and innovation are the three indispensable pillars of our curriculum. Entrepreneurial centres and incubation centres form an integral part of our academic ecosystem.

Our faculty members are excellent scholars in their own disciplines, and they follow the Gurukul system of teaching so that they can reach out to each one of you to understand your specific needs. As a future ready institution, KGI is cognizant about the impact of digital transformation in future workforce and so it believes in imparting the right domain knowledge along with relevant courses including innovative thinking, moral values, soft skills, and leadership qualities. A lot of teamwork goes into moulding our students to be efficient workers and responsible citizens with a strong character and attitude to serve. As students of KGI, it is important that you bring in passion and the right attitude to make the most of the given opportunities to frame your future. Your trust speaks volumes of the academic contribution of KGI in shaping the youth of tomorrow.

All the best!