ADVENTURE LEARNING PROGRAMME “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

The department of PGDM had taken the junior and senior batch to an adventure learning program, which was for 2 days.

Day 1: –

On day 1 : on 4th December we all started from our campus and reached Ramanagar, where in they welcomed us had a delicious breakfast and then we assembled at a place and gave a brief introduction of everybody and then they gave us the guidelines about the program.

  1. The first activity was Rappling which was super exciting through which we learned how to be confident to face any situation, overcome the fear of heights.
  2. The second activity was zipline, which gave us the adventurous feeling where in, we came from one higher altitude point to another with the help of zip. It helps in times of floods and any emergencies, we learned about team work and how to build trust among the team members.
  3. The third activity was rope walking, it helps us in maintaining balance at any given situation and improves focus on things which is very much needed in corporate world.

Then we had lunch followed by an few activities which helped in team building, trust, understanding each other and strategy. One of the activities was the leader will guide the sheep (team members) who are blind folded and had to send them through a gate with few conditions like.

  • They should not touch each other.
  • Should communicate only through clap and whistle.

At first there was lack of communication and coordination but in the second time we made it through determination, coordination and trust.

4. The fourth activity was juma-ring, in which he had to climb through a rope using one leg which tests our strength, focus on achieving the goal and fitness.

  • Then we had snacks and started making our tents for the night stay which was very fun and enjoyable as each and everybody was involved and helped each other in completing the task. 
  • At night we had campfire, and all gathered together and had played may games like singing, dancing and all followed by dinner and then few games and star gazing on a hill top.

Day 2: 

We started around 6:45 am for a small trek where in we had to climb a mountain for which we had to comeover many obstacles like thick bushes, no proper road and slippery way where in each and every person helped each other in reaching the top of mountain and had trust on each other and after reaching the top, we saw sunrise and beautiful scenery which was a treat to eyes which was overwhelming and then we clicked beautiful pictures of nature and the team as well.

Later we reached the meeting point, had breakfast and a quick recap of what all we activities we did. everybody shared their views about the whole Adventure Learning Program  which was Unique and Experiential Learning and later we started to Wonderla.


At wonderla we had so much fun where in we tried all the dry rides and followed by lunch, then we went for water rides, wave pool and rain dance to name a few, which was so fun and enjoyable like a stress buster. later at 6 we started our journey back to campus where in we sang songs and had so much fun, in between we had dinner.

Conclusion: The two days went so well with fun filled and adventurous that we thought to stay for a long period of time, these two days brought back the child in us. we learned few things from these program.

  • How to work as a team.
  • Trust and understanding and building a rapport with each and everybody.
  • Never underestimate oneself that we can’t do this.
  • Positive thinking.
  • How to be mentally well and physically strong to overcome the obstacles.
  • Team building.

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