The Kridayotsava Sports Day were organized and conducted during 9th – 12th December, 2019. The entire Krupanidhi School of Management pertaining students, teaching, and non-teaching staff actively participated and supported the events. Under the leadership of Dr. Sarita Iyer [Dean, KSoM], Prof. Nivedita Jha [Convener, Sports], Lieutenant. Mr. Vijay Naik [Sports Head, KGI] and the organizing team comprising Dr. Selva Kumar D; Prof. Ragavi Nayak; and Dr. Sravan Kumar with the support of Student Coordinators, Mr. Tauheed and Mr. Athul Gopal led the Kridayotsava 2019 along with the support of Faculty Co-ordinators and Student Co-ordinators respectively. On 9th Dec 2019, three events were conducted simultaneously such as Basketball [Faculty Co-ordinators: Prof. Urmi Chakravarthy and Dr. Selva Kumar D.], Throw ball [Faculty Co-ordinators: Dr. Thomason Rajan and Prof. Antra Vohra], and Football [Faculty Co-ordinators: Prof. Tiwari and Mr. Kenchappa] between 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm. The winners of these events [Basketball: Ist year MBA – Dai and Team]; [Throw ball: IInd year MBA – Mamta and Team], and [Football: Harmain and Team] respectively. Likewise, on 10th Dec 2019, the league matches for Cricket were conducted. Mr. Kenchappa along with Student Co-ordinators, Tauheed, Athul Gopal, and Ravi Tej executed the matches. Overall, three teams were short-listed for the semi-finals and finals to be held on 14th Dec 2019 at St. John’s Ground. Similarly, on 11th Dec 2019, Volley ball [Faculty Co-ordinators: Mr. Shekhar Sharma and Mrs. Priya] and Badminton [Faculty Co-ordinators: Dr. Thomason Rajan and Dr. Pravesh Soti] were conducted. The winners of Volley Ball [Ist year MBA – Section C] and Badminton [……….].On 12th Dec 2019, St. John’s Ground, Koramangala was chosen to conduct the Athletics, Cricket, and finals respectively. The Sports Day began with the Oath taking ceremony, National Anthem, and Torch Light Relay around the ground by the Student Coordinators at 11.00 am. Mr. Balakrishna G. Balu [Arnold Schwarzenegger of Whitefield], a 48-time Open-State Karnataka Champion; 4–time Mr. Shresta Karnataka Winner; consecutive 7 years – Mr. India; recipient of the prestigious Bharath Udai title; Mr. Asia 2016; and Mr. Universe 2015 [Finalist – Sixth position] graced the occasion and motivated students on the ideals of passion; the turmoils he faced; hard work; never give up mindset; dedication; and determination respectively. Athletics events such as {100 metres Running Race [Boys]: Winners – 1st place-Adamsha, 2nd place-Vishnu K.B., and 3rd place-Sonu T.}; {100*4 Relay [Girls]: Winners – Lavanya, Harshini; Roja; and Deepika}; Long Jump [Boys]: Winners – 1st place-Adamsha, 2nd place-Vishnu K.B., and 3rd place-Akshay R.};{Long Jump [Girls]: Winners – 1st place-………, 2nd place-…………., and 3rd place-……………}; {Discus Throw: Winners – 1st place-Arjun R. Das, 2nd place-Prithviraj, and 3rd place-Adamsha};{Shot Put: Winners – 1st place-Prithviraj, 2nd place-Arjun R. Das, and 3rd place-……….};{100*4 Relay [Faculty –Women: Winners – Dr. Sarita Iyer; Dr. Pravesh Soti; …………..; and …………..}; {100*4 Relay [Faculty – Men: Winners – Dr. Selva Kumar D.; Dr. Sravan Kumar; Mr. Kenchappa; and Mr. Nagaraj}; {Cricket: Winners – 1st year MBA – Section A [Players: Punith Kumar (C); Ajmal Salam; Prithvil; Darshan; Dilu Krishnan; Amal Kumar; Akshay PG; Pavan; Balaji; Abi Mohan; Nikshith; Poshith G; Jayanth G.]} were conducted throughout the day. Faculty and Student Co-ordinators supported for the success of the events. Prize Distribution ceremony took place whereby all the winners were felicitated and the event ended on high with a vote of thanks from the Sports Convener, Prof. Nivedita Jha.

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