As our country is passing through an exciting phase of its existence with respect to economic growth, Krupanidhi School of Management organized a 2 day workshop on 6th and 7th of December highlighting on the potential economic slowdown expected in the coming few years. The Institute had invited notable experts from the industry who were able to provide a better and clearer insight into the various key areas of the economy and how their joint stability is going to provide a brighter future for the country. Dean Dr  Sarita Iyer Welcomed the esteemed speakers and declared the workshop open by lightening the lamp and throwing some light on the Current scenario of our economy and how it has changed drastically because of the millennial. On day 1, the department had Mr. Sunil Agarwal, Banking expert for the morning session where he took everyone through his key findings on what is holding our country back from achieving the various long term goals which were targeted. Having extensive knowledge in the foray of banking, he was able to throw some light into how a stable banking system plays a pivotal role for the financial growth. He proposed a theory that our country should resort to formulating dynamic and flexible policies which can function according to the market dynamics. Whereas the afternoon session was conducted by Mr. Sundar Vishwanathan, who took the students through a plethora of topics ranging from the tariff war that is raging between USA & China to the gradual slowdown of automobile industry in India. He highlighted a detailed picture on how our economy is structured internally along with some suggestions to further improve. 

On day 2, Mr. Vittal  gave a peek into the situation from a completely different perspective. His talk mainly constituted of how the foreign exchange faction of our country has a say in how we are going to flourish in the years to come. He tailored his content in such a manner that even an individual from a non-commerce background can easily grasp what he was proposing. Apart from commenting on the GST system established in our economy, he also took the students through the various currency derivatives available in the market for different types of businesses. Apart from the big diffusion of knowledge that happened over the two days, even the Q&A session post lecture was even eventful. The speakers took questions from the students and answered them with at-most clarity and proper justification. The vote of thanks was proposed by Dr Selva & Dr Pravesh Soti. Conveyer of the workshop was Dr Pravesh Soti. The entire workshop was Hosted By Niranjan Prasad and Shraddha Maharana Pratap. The student coordinators of the workshop were, Jay bhut, Arjun Das , Harshit.

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