EDP Workshop Entreprenopolis 2022 Conducted in Department of MBA

Report on "ENTREPRENOPOLIS 2022"
An Entrepreneurship workshop
"Equanimity breeds Success"

This workshop was conducted by the KGI Department of MBA to uphold the students in understanding entrepreneur abilities in themselves & to inspire the aspiring students. It also aimed at enhancing the practical knowledge of entrepreneurship qualities in each individual student.

There were five resource persons, namely Mr. Ajith Kaikini, Dr. Ananth R Koppar, Dr. S Nagraj Rao, Mr. Kishor Jagirdar & Mr. Shreyas Chandavarkar.

The event commenced by hosts MR. Ridhin & Ms. Raasmi by welcoming all the elegant resource persons to the event by presenting the saplings. It was followed by light lamping by the guests and Dean Dr. Sarita Iyer Maam. Mr. Ananth R Koppar gave the inaugural address by narrating the beautiful story of Lord Shiva.

The first speaker Dr. S Nagraj Rao inspired the students by his own story of entrepreneurship. His aim was to was to achieve 300% profit margin in any kind of business he do & he achieved that aim & made it possible. Further shared his 3 projects of waste to wealth, which he quoted as gold mine business.

Take aways

  • Learn faster than anyone else
  • Set your goals & make it possible to achieve
  • Improve your soft skills as it has high significance.

The 2nd speaker for the workshop was Dr. Ananth R Koppar, CEO & MD of Kushagramati analytics pvt ltd., startup mentor, advisor & also multi-faceted leader with 35+ years of industry experience. He shared his entrepreneurial journey and challenges faced like family challenges, social challenges, technological challenges & financial challenges. The message he delivered through this anecdote was "do for yourself."

Take aways

  • Do not be afraid to dream the dream
  • Raise again after your failures
  • Be willing to learn from others

The 3rd speaker for the day was Mr. Kishor Jagirdar, a strategic change management specialist, angel investor, startup mentor, innovator, CMD Infopace Management Pvt Ltd.

With his 28 years of rich management experience, filled the minds of audience with his excited entrepreneurial journey. His speech ended by quoting "the whole world is looking at India, the India is looking at youth as a leader to make changes".

Take aways

  • Think out of the box, have different perspective
  • For entrepreneurial journey we need to know the path & courage to walk on that path
  • Develop intrapreneurship skills.