Career Scope In Marketing: What Can One Expect?

In recent years, various domains saw rapid changes that were empowered by technology. These changes have evolved the concepts of marketing. Marketing has always been a vibrant and dynamic domain, but these changes have made it complicated. Earlier, the focus of marketing was to sell service and goods by promoting them. Nowadays, as technology has grown, the scope of marketing has widened. It now includes a diverse range of activities – from consumer satisfaction to the management of customer relationships, and much more. All these factors have made marketing one of the most flourishing industries. 


To cater to the demand of the growing industry of marketing, and build professionals who can master the future of marketing, we at Krupanidhi School of Management, one of the business schools in Bangalore, offer a PGDM as well as an MBA in Marketing. In this program, students will not only gain comprehensive knowledge of marketing but also get expertise in various managerial skills. It also gives them an advantage in multiple aspects such as career options, networking, or even when they are starting their own business. 


Furthermore, pursuing this programme helps students gain a strong understanding of traditional and contemporary marketing principles. Besides, they learn different branding and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies that they can execute to elevate business performance. Furthermore, students will also acquire several interpersonal and management skills, that benefits them to stand out as a leader in their respective fields. 


Now, let’s understand some essential skills that students require to succeed in the marketing industry.


Analytical Skills


Data drives marketing. As a result, professionals in this industry have to understand the science behind every marketing strategy set in motion, analyze the results and present the value of each campaign they run. Moreover, with the help of these insights, they have to find and implement ways to improve each campaign. All these tasks require an analytical mindset. Thus, it acts as a critical component for students’ success in the marketing industry. 


Communication Skills


Efficient communication plays a vital role in any job profile, but it plays an essential role when it comes to marketing domain related job roles. It’s because the primary task of marketing professionals is to convey their ideas and messages engagingly to the customer. So, it becomes imperative for students to have excellent written and verbal communication skills. 


Organizational Skills


Marketing professionals’ daily tasks include a lot of things such as interacting with clients to understand their needs, planning marketing campaigns, analyzing the campaigns that have ended, creating performance reports of those campaigns, and many others. To perform all these responsibilities, they need to have organizational skills so they can adequately manage their time and prioritize tasks accordingly. Hence, organizational skills are a must for students with a bright future in the marketing domain. 


These are a few skills that students should possess to have a bright future. To help students develop and enhance these skills, KSM took the unique initiative of launching the Finishing School program. We aim to make students industry-ready by developing their interpersonal and managerial skills. We have crafted the Finishing School Curriculum in a way that will make our students industry-ready. 


You must be wondering how ‘Finishing School Curriculum’ helps in developing these skills among students?


To help students who are part of the finishing school program, we provide them with training under the guidance of professional trainers who have years of valuable experience. This training phase is distributed into four semesters and spreads over two years. 


In this training phase, students have to take part in multiple activities that enable them to develop and enhance the necessary skills. For example, to develop presentation skills among students, the trainers make sure that students present a total of 100 presentations for two years, meaning 25 presentations per semester. Doing this, students learn to overcome their stage-fear; their communication skills are developed. Moreover, it boosts their confidence. 


Now, let’s understand the career prospects in marketing.


Being a vibrant domain, the students of marketing enjoy a plethora of options after completing their PGDM in marketing. Some of these options are mentioned below-


Brand Manager


The primary objective of marketing is to build brand awareness using marketing techniques. A brand manager is responsible for doing exactly that – building a brand and managing its audience recall. They do this by performing activities such as media engagement, promotions, advertising, etc. The average pay scale of brand managers ranges in between 6-10 lacs per annum in India.


Market Research Analyst


Market Research Analyst’s primary task is to analyze the present market trends and come up with various strategies and research methodology to gather information. Along with this, they also have to assist in making marketing strategies. On average, a market research analyst earns around 8-12 lacs per annum in India.

Public Relations Manager


The responsibility of a public relations manager is to create and maintain a positive public image of the organization through the media. They have to analyze the organization’s reach among the people, and make sure that there are no doubts among the people about the brand image of their company. Along with it, their responsibilities include pitching stories to the media, organizing press conferences, preparing media kits, etc. A public relations manager in India earns somewhere around 4-6 lacs per annum.


Marketing is a dynamic industry that is growing rapidly. To have a shining future, students must know various concepts of marketing and also be industry-ready. At KSM, we make sure our students are industry-ready and also prepare them to be the leaders of tomorrow.

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