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Professor & Program Director

Prof. Jacob has over 25 years of cutting edge experience as a Professor in B-schools, Business Consultant & Advisor to small and medium enterprises. For the past two decades, his work as an academic and industry professional has allowed him to guide and manage institutions and functions with high level of strategic clarity.

As an academic, he has taught in across programs nationally and internationally that include the MBA, Executive MBA, Media & Communication, Executive Education, Certification courses, Defence programs, and at the undergraduate level. He has also ably held various administrative positions in the institutions he has been associated with and has been an integral part of their business success.

As part of his notable achievements, Prof. Jacob has been responsible for acquiring new clients and establishing strong business relationships. He had also been instrumental in training sales associates of new clients to acquire new business and increase top-lines. Prof. Jacob has actively engaged with management committees and owners of small and medium sized business organizations through meetings and conferences. He has been able to aid SMEs in understanding what their customers need and has facilitated fulfillment of the same. Prof. Jacob also tracks changing market trends and thereby strives to enhance and develop the services and products of the organization. He is an advisor to a few organization including Resources2solutions (Canada) and Crosslink Consultancy Services.

Prof. Jacob has an MBA specializing in Marketing, and an additional Masters from Brunei. He is currently pursuing his doctorate. He has exceptional communication skills which has helped him acquire and maintain an impressive client list. He has presented many papers in International conferences and also published papers in journals of repute. Apart from it he also has reviewed chapters/books. His research interests converge on the disciplines of marketing communication, consumer behaviour, services marketing and neuro-marketing. He had been associated with Xavier’s Institute (The Bhopal School of Social Sciences), SOAS College (Brunei), KJC Bangalore to name a few. Prior to joining Krupanidhi he had been the Program Director Alliance University, Alliance Ascent College. He is currently working as a Professor & Program Director at Krupanidhi School of Management.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Prof. Jacob has led many NGOs in various positions including as President.

Professor & Program Director
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